What’s Your Email Persona?

quiz what is your email persona

Here at Timyo, we think a lot more about email than is probably healthy, and one thing that has struck us again and again is how different people use email differently. It’s a really wide range: quick updates from a coworker, cryptic missives from the IT guy that make it seem like he’s paying by the word, if not the letter (“Just port it to the 220. Thx”), rapid fire textbursts from 20-year-olds who don’t really understand that email is not chat, and your charming aunt who recognizes it as her solemn duty to be the emissary of cat videos and comic sans.

Even just focusing on business email, how you use email will obviously affect which email tools are best for you. We created this quick quiz to help you answer the question “What’s your email persona?” and to highlight the different features of Timyo that will be most helpful to you specifically (or even to point out that email might not be your best fit at all!)

Are you a rapid-fire, ASAP type? A multitasker? A planner or someone who likes to jump right in? Take our quiz to discover your own email persona and find out how you can make email work for you!

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