What went wrong with email?

What went wrong with email

Timyo began its life with one short question:

“What went wrong with email?”

In just a few years, email has gone from one of the great new conveniences of the Internet Age to a cause of persistent and increasing anxiety that seems to take ever more time, energy, and patience, until we shudder at the mere thought of checking our inboxes.

How did this happen? And more importantly: what can be done about it?

What went wrong is a long story, but it basically amounts to two simple truths: email has been saddled with a bunch of jobs that it really shouldn’t be doing, and there are some major design flaws in how we send email that have just never been fixed.

Until now.

Timyo is on a mission to restore email to its rightful place as an essential tool for meaningful and convenient communication. We have made a few simple changes that we believe will revolutionize how we use email—not despite that simplicity, but because of it.

We are proud of Timyo because we believe it presents an elegant solution to a universal problem, one that will make every user’s life just a little less stressful, just a little bit better.

We are here to start a conversation about the future of email, and we hope you will join us in that conversation. Together, we will explore the possibilities of a world where email is once again of mutual benefit, a way of connecting us and ensuring for all of us the key elements of clarity, productivity, and peace.

That’s why we hope the next question you ask about email will be this:

“What went right with email?”

We humbly submit that your answer will be Timyo.

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