Timyo gets better at helping you through the day with to-dos

timyo to-dos

Today is the day. I know today is the day, because when I look at the “Today” tab on my Timyo app, I can clearly see the “My To-do” that I assigned to myself for this day and date last week. It says right there in the summary of my to-do, “Write new blog post explaining how Timyo now helps with To-dos and keeps getting better with each update.”, so I know that today is the day. Thanks, Timyo!

Part of what we want to accomplish with Timyo is to help our users manage their time better any way that we can. We know that everyone currently has their own system for reminding themselves of important tasks. Some people use a calendar, (some digital, some physical,) and when they remember to check it, all of their to-dos are right there. Some people use post-it notes (my formerly preferred method) and stick those suckers all over everything – especially the bottom of their monitors. This method gets cluttered quickly and actual priority quickly gets lost in the mess. Some of you probably actually use another app, because, hey, “There’s an app for that!” – in fact, there are hundreds of apps for that!

So yes, the idea of creating and managing to-dos is not an entirely novel concept. But, by adding this ability into an app that you use daily and frequently, we sure have made it convenient and easy to use. Now while you are checking in your Today tab in the Timyo app, you will not only see the emails that have been prioritized there, but you will also see all of the to-dos that you have assigned yourself to complete on that day. It’s all right there, right where you look everyday – you can’t miss it.

You may not be able to miss it, but you can re-assign it to another day if you really want to procrastinate. It’s just as simple as assigning any other email to a day in Timyo: just swipe left on it and move it out a couple more days – go ahead, you’ve got time!

The addition of to-dos in Timyo is something we have been planning from the start. In fact, it’s another small step on the way to the ultimate goal for us at Timyo. We are creating an entire one-stop-shop for all of your time-sensitive daily needs. We want to be the go-to solution for keeping track of your timely tasks, emails, and daily communications for your personal and professional life.

This latest update helps us move one step closer to our goal. So, if you haven’t already tried out the Timyo app, go ahead and add that to your to-do list and be sure to mark it as “important!”, or just go get it now and save yourself some time.

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