Timyo helps teams be more productive

timyo helps teams be more productive

Here at Timyo, we have a great team that just happens to be spread out across the globe. Since we don’t always have the luxury of just poking our heads over a cubicle and shouting a request to our teammates, we need to make sure that we are very clear with our communications.

When we started building Timyo we wanted to solve many of email’s problems. We are very busy people and just like every other busy person out there, we receive (and send) a ton of email every day. So, while we have been busy solidifying Timyo’s core features, we have also been using Timyo to communicate all day, every day. Not just the Timyo app, but the Timyo Gmail/Chrome plugin as well – the app/plugin combo is a very powerful tool for ensuring we keep our communications crystal clear.

After using the app for around a year now, (this includes the Alpha and Beta stages,) we have had a chance to see a very real impact on how we communicate. When you start using Timyo with your team and really start being thoughtful and precise with your communications, you’ll be amazed at how email just fades into the background. There is no worry of missing an important email, or reading an email and thinking, “Was I supposed to respond to that?” All you need to do is check your Today tab and see what you’re expected to do, right now, today.

The Today tab in the app and corresponding folder on your desktop client are really simple, yet powerful tools to help keep you focused and stay on target throughout the day. If there is an email in Today, then you know that you either assigned it there yourself, or one of your teammates sent you an email using Timyo and would like you to act on that email at some time today.

When emails come in and are marked with green, you know that you can deal with those emails at a later date. You can always see at a glance what your upcoming week is going to look like by checking out the Agenda View in the Later tab. So, when all of your teammates start using Timyo, everything quickly just falls into place.

Of course, we know that email is not the only way that people (and teams) communicate these days. There are many excellent collaborative tools out there that encourage real-time communication, such as Slack. We love Slack at Timyo and think that it is very good at what it does for “right now” communication and organizing thoughts, files, and banter all in the appropriate channels. That’s why in our latest update, we have including Slack attachment integration into our app and encourage Timyo users that already have a Slack account to continue using Slack for what it is good at.

Our latest update also includes some more requested tools that our users like to have at hand while sorting and dealing with their emails. We’ve added the ability to archive and flag your emails, so you can use tools that you are familiar with, while adapting the new tools that Timyo offers in order to save yourself and others time.

We have a long list of features, tweaks, and speed improvements that we are constantly working on. With each new version of Timyo we get to show the world our new and improved take on how to deal with the daily barrage of emails we get in our Inboxes. That’s the reason we are going down this path – to help end the tyranny of email.

There may be no “i” in “team”, but there is an “i” in “Timyo” and now Timyo helps you be an even better team player. Checkout the latest version and see what’s new!

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