Timyo’s 5 Biggest Fans (Who Don’t Know We Exist)

timyo biggest fans

Two things that a social entrepreneuring trailblazer, a modern day Edison, a passionately productive COO, the world’s most powerful designer, and a billionaire business polymath all have in common:

1: They are titans of their respective fields.

2. They have almost certainly not heard of Timyo—yet!

Of course, we aim to change that second one, but in the meantime, we thought it would be fun to share some quotes from these inspiring leaders and explain why exactly each of them would fall in love with Timyo, and hopefully why you will, too!

1. Elon Musk — Email’s #1 Fan

“I do love email. Wherever possible I try to communicate asynchronously. I’m really good at email.”
—Elon Musk

We’ve already discussed Elon Musk’s love for email. For anybody needing a refresher, “asynchronous” just means that emails can be sent at any time without the recipient needing to be synced up with the sender. Unlike with something like chat, it’s not important that a conversation happens in real time:

“Email allows you to communicate whenever is convenient for you, [but recipients can] integrate it into  their own schedule that makes the most sense for their own productivity.”

By helping senders easily set clear expectations for the recipient on when they expect a reply, Timyo takes advantage of email’s native asynchronicity in a way that benefits senders and recipients alike.

And speaking of asynchronicity…

2. Sir Richard Branson —Up and At’Em!

“Getting up and at it early gives me time to get on top of things, and chart my day effectively. I find the period of quiet, before most of the world logs on, to be great time to catch up on news and reply to emails.”
Sir Richard Branson

The key words for our purposes are “before most of the world logs on”: for Sir Richard, email’s asynchronicity is a feature, not a bug. Unlike a host of other services that demand real-time communication, email—especially time-forward email like Timyo—lets you communicate meaningfully on your own terms, and on your own schedule.

3. Sheryl Sandberg — “Ruthless Prioritization”

“I spend my time on what matters most.”
Sheryl Sandberg

As the COO of Facebook and founder of a movement with her book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg has practically become the poster-woman of getting things done. By prioritizing and focusing on what really matters, Sandberg makes sure that the things that need to get done get done first.

This ability to focus on what matters is one of the key features of Timyo. When you arrive at your inbox, you can quickly and easily set whether you’d like to deal with an important email today, tomorrow, or at a later specified date. Rather than constantly pouring through unimportant emails and desperately trying to achieve “inbox zero”, Timyo lets you focus on the email that matters, when it matters.

4. Sir Jonathan Ive — “Beauty Works”

“There is beauty when something works and it works intuitively.”
—Sir Jonathan Ive

Jony Ive knows a thing or two about beauty. As Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Sir Jonathan carries on the proud tradition of seamlessly integrating technology and design that has made Apple the tech company par excellence of the 21st Century.

Timyo’s own founders and designers have taken great pains to make sure that using Timyo is an intuitive, positive, graceful experience. A key element of Timyo’s mission is clarity, and it was essential to us that this mission be reflected by our design, in a wonderfully transparent marriage of function and form. And not to toot our own horn, but I think we’ve succeeded.

5. Jessica Jackley — Be the Change

“I believe in entrepreneurs. I believe in their ability to make positive change in the world.”
Jessica Jackley

As the cofounder of trailblazing microlender Kiva and a leader in social entrepreneurship, Jessica Jackley has put her money where her mouth is when it comes to advocating the role of entrepreneurs in making our world a better place.

So we hope she would approve of what we are trying to accomplish here at Timyo. As Fabrice and Alfred, our own founders, wrote:

“Our first idea was a simple one: we wanted to change people’s lives for the better. […] All of the work leading up to this moment has kept that big, simple goal as the sole focus. It has been amazing to work every day in an effort to give back to people that most precious resource: Time.”

For Alfred and Fabrice and the rest of us at Timyo, we hope that the Timyo of today is only the first step. Each step of the way, we hope that we will live up to Jackley’s wise words. And we hope that you will take that journey with us.

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