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time over money

Yesterday, we shared a cool post from Vox’s Brian Resnick, discussing research at the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA that seems to show that valuing time over money correlates with greater levels of personal happiness. In short: the more you prioritize time over money, the happier you will probably be!

This is great news at Timyo, where we care a lot about time. The study found that, even when controlling for how much money participants had, stating a preference for more time over more money correlated with being happier.

Of course, as the article notes:

People want both more time and more money, the researchers from UCLA and the Wharton School write, ‘but unfortunately there is rarely an opportunity to simultaneously gain in both.’

In the grand scheme of life, this is certainly true…as gains in time often come at the expense of making more money, and getting more money often takes more of our time…this is the crux of the work-life balance dilemma with which we are all so familiar.

But looking at smaller aspects of work-life balance, there are some promising “win-win” opportunities.

Using Timyo for email is a great example.

By using Timyo at work, you save time—yours and your coworkers’—thus freeing you up to be more productive without costing you any precious extra minutes. By quickly and easily sending email with clear expectations, you and your team can get more done more efficiently during your workday: you can be more productive, leading to opportunities to earn more money, without eating into the time you spend living the rest of your life.

For as long as jobs exist (which, actually, may not be for long!), the struggle to balance time and money will remain. But, as stressful as the modern work environment can be, it’s nice to be reminded that, ultimately, working to guard our time is a worthwhile endeavor. Using Timyo for email can be one small part of that.

As Resnick reminds us:

Money can come and go. Time only goes.

Or as the great Rabbi Harold Kushner (possibly) memorably put it:

No one ever said on his deathbed, “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”

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