R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To Email

Respect Find Out What It Means To Email

Yesterday, we shared a great article by L.V. Anderson about typos in email and what they say about power dynamics in the office. The gist is this:

At best, informal, typo-ridden messages sent from the top of a professional hierarchy to the bottom reflect the fact that bosses aren’t particularly concerned about coming across as sloppy to their subordinates. At worst, they’re a deliberate power move—a signal to junior staffers that they aren’t worth the time it would take to correct the mistakes in an email before hitting send.

The whole article is worth a read, but here I want to zero in on one theme of Anderson’s article: the way you email conveys the respect you have for the recipient—or the lack thereof.

Writing grammatically and proofreading before sending are just two ways to show respect to colleagues, clients, superiors and subordinates.

Timyo offers a new way to convey respect in your email. Using Timyo lets you say when and how (or if!) you’d like the recipient to respond. By giving the gift of clear expectations, you send a clear signal as well: “I value your time.”

Say, for example, you want to send an email to a coworker but don’t need a reply until tomorrow (or even want one, really, since you’ll be busy with other projects until then). With just a couple of clicks, Timyo lets you say just that:

respect in email

Now your colleague won’t feel stressed and hurry to get back to you ASAP, and you’ll save time as well, since your inbox won’t be cluttered with emails you don’t even want yet. By making your correspondents feel respected and valued, you make it more likely that they will respect you and your time as well, helping you in turn to be more productive.

Timyo helps you send emails that enhance clarity, productivity, and peace, for all parties involved. And that’s a great thing, in every respect.

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