Founders’ Note: 3…2….1 Launch!

Founders' Note Launch

For entrepreneurs, the moment a product goes live brings very specific, intense emotions—not unlike what you experience when your kids are born. 

On the one hand, a product launch is a culmination, the moment that so many other moments and years have been building toward; on the other, it is a commencement, the beginning of a whole new adventure.

For the past two years, we have worked with passion and enthusiasm to write out the first lines of this adventure. Starting from scratch, the blank page, is never easy, but it has been an immensely rewarding experience that we would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Our first idea was a simple one: we wanted to change people’s lives for the better. Simple, but huge. And, honestly, we don’t yet know if we will achieve that. But all of the work leading up to this moment has kept that big, simple goal as the sole focus. It has been amazing to work every day in an effort to give back to people that most precious resource:


Like any cofounders, we have shared exciting moments—winning our patent, playing with the earliest version of the app, receiving enthusiastic feedback from our first testers…and also some challenging ones—funding is always tricky, especially when you are picky in choosing investors, and technical challenges seem to come when you least expect them and must be handled by a focused, trusted team.

Luckily, technically and otherwise, we are happy and proud to say that we have just such a team.

From the very beginning, our goal was to hire people who understood not only the “what” and the “how” of Timyo, but the “why”—people who intuitively understood our common goal, and who got immediately excited about helping create ways to best achieve it. I am proud that we have been able to put together a team with this bedrock commitment as our common DNA, whether we are in Los Angeles, Paris, or Minsk. 

And at this early stage, our team is still small enough to thank all of you by name:

Aleksei, Alexander, Chris, Irina, Kirill, Noémie, Patrice, Randy, Sergei, and Thibaud…thank you for your essential and ongoing contributions.

Now that Timyo will be live in the following days, we are at a place of new beginning. We will continue to work to improve Timyo, and we will remain well aware that the most important feedback will always come from users, since they’re whom our product is for. We truly believe that Timyo will help people to be more productive, to collaborate more clearly and easily, and to take the stress out of email and put something much better in its place: peace of mind.

We believed that was a worthwhile goal when we started out three years ago, and we believe it is a worthwhile goal today. Thank you for being with us at this new beginning, and we look forward to continuing the journey together.

Alfred & Fabrice
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