Our Founders And Our Mission

Our Founders And Our Mission

A couple of days ago, we published a note from Timyo’s founder Fabrice called “We Are Not a Startup.”

That post, following the announcement that we had secured a new round of funding, argued that this isn’t a moment of congratulations for Timyo. Instead, it is just an important “beginning of a new stage on our journey, not […] that journey’s culmination.” Rather than celebrate how far Timyo has come since the beginning, Fabrice stressed how excited we are to continue to work to secure a true revolution in digital communications—for teams, businesses, and individual users alike.

This post was absolutely representative of our founders’ approach: intelligent, considered, inspirational, and most tellingly, humble. Fabrice is a humble dude. He would never write a word of self-congratulation, no matter how well-earned.

Fortunately, I am not Fabrice, which means I can say to him and our co-founder Alfred—on behalf of the whole Timyo team—


Yeah, yeah…I get it: financing isn’t important as a benchmark of success, but rather as the platform for continuing the journey and pursuing true excellence, making sure that we can transform email into the clear, productivity-enhancing, peace-of-mind-engendering tool that it was always meant to be.

I totally understand that. Nevertheless, it is through the tireless work of Alfred and Fabrice that we have reached this point in the journey, and can now look down the road ahead to the future of Timyo.

Since meeting Fabrice and Alfred over two years ago, I have been consistently amazed and impressed not only at their shared work ethic (which is tireless), but at the clarity of their vision for the company and for the future of communications. From Day One, they have run their company with generosity, poise, and professionalism—the very same characteristics that Timyo affords its users in their emails.

On behalf of everyone on the Timyo team, from Los Angeles to Minsk and Paris, let me say that we feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Timyo story. For your vision, your leadership, and your hard work:


Oh, and one more thing:

[This is where I was going to post a link to the video for “We are the Champions”, but again, Fabrice is a humble dude, so I didn’t think it would fly. Instead, please enjoy this old classic of humility-inducing perspective:]


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