Join Timyo and the Email Revolution!

join timyo and the email revolution

With our launch date fast approaching, we can’t wait to share Timyo with the world! We are so excited in part because we have always viewed Timyo as much more than just another email app…we see it instead as the beginning of a very important conversation, as the opening salvo in a revolution that will change the way we use email.

For all of its flaws (many delineated on this very blog), we believe that email is and will continue to be an important communication tool for a long time to come. Global email use is currently estimated at over 2.5 billion people, and that number is projected to grow. This year alone, 205 billion emails will be sent and received. At Timyo, we believe firmly that this vast quantity of email should be matched by a marked increase in quality.

Email Revolutionaries Unite!

This is where you come in: over the past couple of years, our founders Fabrice and Alfred, along with the rest of the Timyo team, have been hard at work to bring clarity to email, and in doing so to increase productivity, reduce stress, and meaningfully contribute to our users’ peace of mind. Now it’s time to ask you to join the Timyo revolution.

How? It’s easy! Just send us $5,000 (USD) in an unmarked envelope.

Just kidding! It’s even easier than that:

To join the Timyo revolution, just use Timyo.

We are confident that once you do, you’ll wish everyone you email with did too. And so the revolution will grow—incorporating the essential element of time, which for too long has been email’s missing piece, and restoring it to its proper place as a central component to the way we use email.

We are excited for what’s to come, and want to thank those of you who have already come aboard for this early part of our journey! We can’t wait to continue into the future together. ¡Viva la revolución!

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