Back to Reality: Great Email Articles to Help Ease Into The Fall

Great Email Articles to Help Ease Into The Fall

It’s official—Labor Day has come and gone, the kids are back in school, there’s a chill in the air (assuming you live somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere that has actual seasons, which I do not) and summer vacation already seems a disconcertingly distant memory.

And because Timyo is all about productivity and peace-of-mind, we thought we’d share a couple of items to help ease the transition back to cool autumnal reality.

“How to Get Caught Up On Email After Vacation: 9 Helpful Tips”

This great post comes to us from Lindsay Kolowich at Hubspot. My favorite is Tip #2—“Set expectations with an out out-of-office auto-reply message.” At Timyo, we are total suckers for setting clear expectations, and I especially like this post script Pro Tip:

Leave your auto-reply message on for an extra day while you’re catching up on email. It’ll help prevent an influx of requests the day you get back, while also keeping people’s expectations of a response to a minimum while you’re working through everything.”

It feels like the perfect (slightly sneaky) way to make your summer vacation last just a liiiiittle bit longer—basically the email equivalent of continuing to listen to Jimmy Buffett the whole week after you get back from Sandals Jamaica.

“Honest E-Mail-Sign-Off Quotations for the Uninspired”

Earlier this summer over at The New Yorker, Sarah Hutto very helpfully shared some “Honest E-Mail-Sign-Off Quotations For the Uninspired”, which are sure to spice up even the weariest back-to-work emails. My two favorites:

When life gives you lemons, quickly take them all home, because lemons have gotten really expensive due to global warming and inflation.”

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore, and also a boat with no holes in it.”

World class sign-offs, and wisdom to live by to boot. Of course, “I value your time, I use Timyo” has a certain ring to it, too.

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