France’s Right to Disconnect and the Freedom of Email

Just a quick follow-up post on the French “email ban” that we covered here last week and that has been generating a ton of press. Alissa Johannsen Rubin‘s piece in The New York Times—”France Lets Workers Turn Off, Tune Out and Live Life” offers some interesting insights. In addition to covering everything from divorce to pesticides and plastic bags (it all makes sense in context—go read it!) Rubin writes this of France’s newly enacted “Right to Disconnect”: “Though ridiculed in some quarters as a ban on work-related email after hours, it is not quite that. But it is born of the enlightened view… Continue reading France’s Right to Disconnect and the Freedom of Email

when to email

Not Just “How to Email”, but “When to Email”

What is the best way to email? This is obviously a question that concerns us a great deal at Timyo—and we aren’t the only ones. Email has become a fact of our lives, and it seems like the only thing greater than its pervasiveness is the frustration people feel with the email status quo. I’m always interested in other people’s thoughts on how to fix email, and we’ve shared a lot of them here. Some I agree with. Some I think are great ideas that I hope we soon make obsolete. And some are, well…wrong. How Not to Email That… Continue reading Not Just “How to Email”, but “When to Email”

Our Founders And Our Mission

Our Founders And Our Mission

A couple of days ago, we published a note from Timyo’s founder Fabrice called “We Are Not a Startup.” That post, following the announcement that we had secured a new round of funding, argued that this isn’t a moment of congratulations for Timyo. Instead, it is just an important “beginning of a new stage on our journey, not […] that journey’s culmination.” Rather than celebrate how far Timyo has come since the beginning, Fabrice stressed how excited we are to continue to work to secure a true revolution in digital communications—for teams, businesses, and individual users alike. This post was absolutely representative… Continue reading Our Founders And Our Mission

Founder's Note: We Are Not A Startup Featured

Founder’s Note: We Are Not A Startup

We recently closed our new round. We haven’t made a very big deal about it, so I was quite surprised by how many people offered their congratulations. Immediately, I was of two minds about this flurry of well-wishing: On the one hand, I was and am thrilled that so many people are rooting for us and cheering Timyo on. First and foremost, thanks to all of you who have reached out! On the other hand, I don’t think what we’ve done is exactly an accomplishment (yet.) Regarding the second point, the emphasis is definitely on the “yet”. I am very happy… Continue reading Founder’s Note: We Are Not A Startup

Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

Yesterday, we shared a cool article from Forbes and LearnVest by Emma Miller: 6 tips for better work email. It’s all good advice, and particularly pertinent here because some of the tips address problems that are solved directly by using Timyo! “1. Keep It Short ’n’ Sweet” Agreed. See? 🙂 “2. Make Your Timing Count” Productivity expert Chris Bailey (whom we’ve featured here before) recommends avoiding sending messages at off times (like right before the end of the day), and also discusses using a “send-later” service that will hold off sending emails for you until a prescribed time. These are great… Continue reading Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

time over money

TIME > MONEY = :) !

Yesterday, we shared a cool post from Vox’s Brian Resnick, discussing research at the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA that seems to show that valuing time over money correlates with greater levels of personal happiness. In short: the more you prioritize time over money, the happier you will probably be! This is great news at Timyo, where we care a lot about time. The study found that, even when controlling for how much money participants had, stating a preference for more time over more money correlated with being happier. Of course, as the article notes: People want both more time and… Continue reading TIME > MONEY = 🙂 !

urgent and important

Urgent and Important are Not the Same Thing—Even When It Comes to Email

At first glance, this sounds obvious: of course “urgent” and “important” don’t mean the same thing…there are even, like, totally different words for them. But when it comes to email, they are often treated as interchangeable, and the fact that we conflate these two different qualities speaks to a couple of perceptual problems that get right to the heart of what’s wrong with the email status quo. “Urgent”, of course, answers the question “When?” (The answer? “NOW!”), while “important” gives information about the “What?” of an email. But because of basic human nature, as well as a modern work culture… Continue reading Urgent and Important are Not the Same Thing—Even When It Comes to Email

let's be clear

Let’s Be Clear. Here’s How.

We’ve talked before about all of the great reasons for improving email clarity with Timyo — now let’s talk about how exactly improved clarity can help at work. This week, we’ll take a look at why Timyo is a great tool to use with colleagues. Everyone is the hero of their own movie. I once listened to a friend complaining about how horrible and inconsiderate and awful drivers in his city were, especially when it came to double-parking, which was constant and terribly inconvenient. I mentioned that just the week before, I had been with him in his car and… Continue reading Let’s Be Clear. Here’s How.

timyo to-dos

Timyo gets better at helping you through the day with to-dos

Today is the day. I know today is the day, because when I look at the “Today” tab on my Timyo app, I can clearly see the “My To-do” that I assigned to myself for this day and date last week. It says right there in the summary of my to-do, “Write new blog post explaining how Timyo now helps with To-dos and keeps getting better with each update.”, so I know that today is the day. Thanks, Timyo! Part of what we want to accomplish with Timyo is to help our users manage their time better any way that… Continue reading Timyo gets better at helping you through the day with to-dos

quiz what is your email persona

What’s Your Email Persona?

Here at Timyo, we think a lot more about email than is probably healthy, and one thing that has struck us again and again is how different people use email differently. It’s a really wide range: quick updates from a coworker, cryptic missives from the IT guy that make it seem like he’s paying by the word, if not the letter (“Just port it to the 220. Thx”), rapid fire textbursts from 20-year-olds who don’t really understand that email is not chat, and your charming aunt who recognizes it as her solemn duty to be the emissary of cat videos… Continue reading What’s Your Email Persona?