Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

Yesterday, we shared a cool article from Forbes and LearnVest by Emma Miller: 6 tips for better work email.

It’s all good advice, and particularly pertinent here because some of the tips address problems that are solved directly by using Timyo!

“1. Keep It Short ’n’ Sweet”


See? 🙂

“2. Make Your Timing Count”

Productivity expert Chris Bailey (whom we’ve featured here before) recommends avoiding sending messages at off times (like right before the end of the day), and also discusses using a “send-later” service that will hold off sending emails for you until a prescribed time.

These are great tips for the email status quo that Timyo renders totally obsolete.

By giving you the ability to set clear time expectations—

[Insert “Please know that I’m not expecting a reply until tomorrow” graphic]

Timyo gives your recipients a little breathing room, as well as the permission to not look at an email immediately upon receiving it.

And when the recipient has Timyo as well, things get even easier, because a copy of the email will go directly to the appropriate folder (“Today” or “Later”) and date.

“3. Press Pause on Your Reply”

More great advice from Bailey:

“I’ve tried to make a habit of sitting on emails […] When you hold off on responding, you have more time to connect the dots, you can form your thoughts, and ultimately, you can communicate better.”

We’ve talked a lot about what’s wrong with “Automatic ASAP”, and we couldn’t agree more with Bailey.

With Timyo, waiting until the time is right gets even easier—you just send any email to the date you’d like to deal with it.

“4. Express Yourself”

Miller advises that the smart email writer will not limit herself to bland, impersonal language, but will instead “show a little emotion.” To which we can only add:

Hell yeah!

“5. Clear Bandwidth With a ‘Waiting For’ Folder”

Again quoting Bailey:

“Whenever you send an important email, it becomes an unresolved uncertainty in your head, which in turn can become a source of mental stress.”

Bailey goes on to recommend keeping a “Waiting For” folder of all of your sent emails that are still pending a reply, so you can easily keep track of which responses you’re waiting on, and keep stress to a minimum.

This is a great idea…unless you have Timyo, in which case this is automatically done for you!

Timyo‘s Reply Tracker not only tracks all of your pending replies, it will send you a notification when one is overdue, so that you can follow up if necessary. With Reply Tracker, you can send an email and trust Timyo to keep tabs on it for you.

“6. Know When Email Isn’t the Answer”

Again, we wholeheartedly agree. It sometimes surprises people that a company as invested in email as Timyo would want people to ever use anything besides email. But we totally do!

At Timyo, we want email to be one important tool in your communications toolbox, but not the only one. We’re big fans of Slack, for example, and sometimes an old-fashioned text (or, crazy I know, a phone call or face-to-face meeting!) is just the thing.

Email was originally designed to be an asynchronous tool for more formal or in-depth communication.

Timyo is designed to maximize email’s usefulness as that tool, and the best way to do that is to use other tools when they are a better fit.

At Timyo, we’re working to make sure that email continues to be an essential business tool, not by trying to make it a one-size-fits-all universal solution, but simply by making email better at being email. 

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