A business model should be aligned with your values

A business model should be aligned with your values

Almost one year ago today, Timyo released our iOS version on Apple Store. It was a big moment for the entire team: we’d built our solution with the deep conviction that it would improve email communication, and now we were about to finally launch it out into the real world. We knew it would just be the first step on a journey that we hoped would change email for good. But we needed to verify our assumption, we needed your feedback and product validation: Were people ready to change the way they think before sending an email? Were they ready… Continue reading A business model should be aligned with your values

Founder's Note: We Are Not A Startup Featured

Founder’s Note: We Are Not A Startup

We recently closed our new round. We haven’t made a very big deal about it, so I was quite surprised by how many people offered their congratulations. Immediately, I was of two minds about this flurry of well-wishing: On the one hand, I was and am thrilled that so many people are rooting for us and cheering Timyo on. First and foremost, thanks to all of you who have reached out! On the other hand, I don’t think what we’ve done is exactly an accomplishment (yet.) Regarding the second point, the emphasis is definitely on the “yet”. I am very happy… Continue reading Founder’s Note: We Are Not A Startup

how ray tomlinson inspires us

How Ray Tomlinson Inspires Us

As we wrote a couple of days ago, Ray Tomlinson passed away this past Sunday at the age of 74. Though in the broader world his role as the inventor of email was largely performed anonymously, we, as the founders of a company that very literally would not exist without him, wanted to take a moment here and offer a brief remembrance of and thanks for Mr. Tomlinson’s contribution. In this age of “rock star” founders and branded TED-talk friendly CEOs, it is refreshing to look at the work of one man who absolutely did not crave the spotlight, who was… Continue reading How Ray Tomlinson Inspires Us

Founders' Note Launch

Founders’ Note: 3…2….1 Launch!

For entrepreneurs, the moment a product goes live brings very specific, intense emotions—not unlike what you experience when your kids are born.  On the one hand, a product launch is a culmination, the moment that so many other moments and years have been building toward; on the other, it is a commencement, the beginning of a whole new adventure. For the past two years, we have worked with passion and enthusiasm to write out the first lines of this adventure. Starting from scratch, the blank page, is never easy, but it has been an immensely rewarding experience that we would recommend to… Continue reading Founders’ Note: 3…2….1 Launch!