Founder Interview: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

Founder Interview: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

One of the key aspects of Timyo is how much it can improve communication within a company. To get the manager’s-eye-view on how Timyo changes things, I sat down the other day with our very own manager, Timyo’s founder, Fabrice Dumans, and asked him a few questions about working with Timyo within his own team. Chris: Fabrice, I know you came up with the idea that would become Timyo based on your own experiences as a manager. Can you talk a little bit more about Timyo’s genesis? Fabrice: Sure! As an executive at tech company, I was managing hundreds of… Continue reading Founder Interview: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

Learning from Google Teams

From Google’s re:Work blog comes the fantastic post “The five keys to a successful Google team”. As People Analytics Manager Julia Rozovsky explains: A group of us in Google’s People Operations (what we call HR) set out to answer this question using data and rigorous analysis: What makes a Google team effective? […] Over two years we conducted 200+ interviews with Googlers (our employees) and looked at more than 250 attributes of 180+ active Google teams. (New York Times Magazine has a much longer and thorough article about that process here.) The main takeaway: Who is on a team matters less than… Continue reading Learning from Google Teams

How Timyo Helps You Lead Your Team

Last week we shared a great Forbes article called “6 Ways Successful Teams are Built to Last.” There’s some good stuff in here, and it’s worth reading in full (it’s also a quick read, which is nice), but I wanted to pull out a couple of things and talk about how Timyo fits so well into these leadership strategies. 1. Team Building Isn’t Just Trust Falls and Company Karaoke. “Building companies requires the know-how to build long-lasting teams.” Author Glen Llopis is absolutely right to put team-building front and center when it comes to a company’s success. The phrase “team-building”… Continue reading How Timyo Helps You Lead Your Team

8 Great Tips to Improve Team Productivity: Part II

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” —Phil Jackson Last week, we started our look at some great tips from recent articles about team productivity. Here are the final four: 5. Clear Expectations are Key. From Time Management Ninja we have “9 Ways for Bosses to Boost Their Team Productivity”, which includes the following helpful insight: “Communication is one of the tops things that bogs down team productivity. Set clear expectations around how the team should communicate. This should cover everyday communications, as well as status updates.” By helping to… Continue reading 8 Great Tips to Improve Team Productivity: Part II

8 Great Tips to Improve Team Productivity Part 1

8 Great Tips to Improve Team Productivity

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” —Michael Jordan Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing some interesting articles focusing on teams and team productivity. They’re all well worth reading in their entirety; meanwhile, in this two-part post, I’ll be pointing out a a few highlights: 1. Humans are built for teamwork. Science of People has a thorough article about “The Science of Teams” that is well worth reading. They point out that humans are literally designed for teamwork—we have evolved as “prosocial” animals. As the article puts it: “Humans are wired to cooperate. So much so that we… Continue reading 8 Great Tips to Improve Team Productivity

Why Email is the Next Great Team Productivity App

Put Me In, Coach! Why Email is the Next Great Team Productivity App

This week, we shared an article by Scott Gerber over at “9 Most Effective Apps for Internal Communication“. Gerber is the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), and he polled its members to find exciting solutions to team communications. I read the list and was surprised not by what I found, but what I didn’t find: almost any mention of email. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Email has long been the workhorse of electronic communications—saddled with all of the jobs that no one else wants to do. When a fancy new product comes along that promises real-time… Continue reading Put Me In, Coach! Why Email is the Next Great Team Productivity App

email etiquette

The Etiquette of Email

Last week, Slate ran a fun article by Katy Waldman discussing the emerging etiquette regarding all of the many, many ways we can communicate with each other in 2016. Per the author: “The avenues through which we talk to one another have forked into a dizzying multitude. Hierarchies have emerged.” She then goes into anxiety-inducing detail about those hierarchies: When possible, we convey bad news in person; a step down, there are phone calls; then email; then texting; then social media like Facebook or Twitter; then IMing; then, maybe, Snapchat. Sometimes, the line of succession wavers: A quick face-to-face catch-up with… Continue reading The Etiquette of Email

when to email

Not Just “How to Email”, but “When to Email”

What is the best way to email? This is obviously a question that concerns us a great deal at Timyo—and we aren’t the only ones. Email has become a fact of our lives, and it seems like the only thing greater than its pervasiveness is the frustration people feel with the email status quo. I’m always interested in other people’s thoughts on how to fix email, and we’ve shared a lot of them here. Some I agree with. Some I think are great ideas that I hope we soon make obsolete. And some are, well…wrong. How Not to Email That… Continue reading Not Just “How to Email”, but “When to Email”

When Email Expectations Become What’s Expected

Earlier this week we shared an article from called “Should You Reply to That Email?”, a brief article about how to read an email for clues on whether a response is needed, and if so, when and what kind of response you’d like to send. It was good advice, and a useful article. I can’t wait for it to be obsolete. “Look for clues.” The author, Stacey Gawronski, correctly identifies the trickiness of figuring out a sender’s expectations: her first tip is “Look for Clues”, because too often when dealing with the status quo, a recipient has to become… Continue reading When Email Expectations Become What’s Expected

Our Founders And Our Mission

Our Founders And Our Mission

A couple of days ago, we published a note from Timyo’s founder Fabrice called “We Are Not a Startup.” That post, following the announcement that we had secured a new round of funding, argued that this isn’t a moment of congratulations for Timyo. Instead, it is just an important “beginning of a new stage on our journey, not […] that journey’s culmination.” Rather than celebrate how far Timyo has come since the beginning, Fabrice stressed how excited we are to continue to work to secure a true revolution in digital communications—for teams, businesses, and individual users alike. This post was absolutely representative… Continue reading Our Founders And Our Mission