Founder Interview: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

Founder Interview: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

One of the key aspects of Timyo is how much it can improve communication within a company. To get the manager’s-eye-view on how Timyo changes things, I sat down the other day with our very own manager, Timyo’s founder, Fabrice Dumans, and asked him a few questions about working with Timyo within his own team. Chris: Fabrice, I know you came up with the idea that would become Timyo based on your own experiences as a manager. Can you talk a little bit more about Timyo’s genesis? Fabrice: Sure! As an executive at tech company, I was managing hundreds of… Continue reading Founder Interview: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

Learning from Google Teams

From Google’s re:Work blog comes the fantastic post “The five keys to a successful Google team”. As People Analytics Manager Julia Rozovsky explains: A group of us in Google’s People Operations (what we call HR) set out to answer this question using data and rigorous analysis: What makes a Google team effective? […] Over two years we conducted 200+ interviews with Googlers (our employees) and looked at more than 250 attributes of 180+ active Google teams. (New York Times Magazine has a much longer and thorough article about that process here.) The main takeaway: Who is on a team matters less than… Continue reading Learning from Google Teams

How Timyo Helps You Lead Your Team

Last week we shared a great Forbes article called “6 Ways Successful Teams are Built to Last.” There’s some good stuff in here, and it’s worth reading in full (it’s also a quick read, which is nice), but I wanted to pull out a couple of things and talk about how Timyo fits so well into these leadership strategies. 1. Team Building Isn’t Just Trust Falls and Company Karaoke. “Building companies requires the know-how to build long-lasting teams.” Author Glen Llopis is absolutely right to put team-building front and center when it comes to a company’s success. The phrase “team-building”… Continue reading How Timyo Helps You Lead Your Team