Clear Expectations and Email Clichés

Clear Expectations and Email Clichés

Yesterday we shared an interesting article from Julie Beck at The Atlantic: “Thank Heaven for Email Clichés”. Beck raises a couple of points that are pertinent to Timyo: 1. Expectations are important. “To some degree, this is the expectation of all of us who send emails professionally—a kind greeting and a kind sign-off to sandwich the actual message. That’s not a bad thing, when the alternative is requests and demands splatted on your screen without a buffer of civility.” It’s easy to decry email clichés like “I hope you’re well” and “Best” as empty and insincere, but, as Beck points… Continue reading Clear Expectations and Email Clichés

three problems with email

Three Problems With Email… And One Great Solution

Last week we shared a great article by Rosscott called “The Problem With Email”. Besides some great visuals—including the wonderfully named “The Cycle of (Time) Suck”—the article offers some fantastic insights into several different but related problems with email. Problem #1: Mission Creep “Now, e-mail is considered instantaneous[…] [A]s more and more devices allow us to keep an eye on things, people have begun to think of mail as more of a tool of instant message than that of a thoughtful missive.” “Mission creep” is a term taken from the military, describing the slow and unintended deviation from a mission’s early… Continue reading Three Problems With Email… And One Great Solution

will arnett timyo is a real game changer

Will Arnett: Timyo is a “Real Game Changer” [Interview]

Timyo is very excited to have Will Arnett as a key part of our team. Besides being one of the funniest guys we can think of, his intelligence and generosity have been crucial to making Timyo into everything we want it to be. I recently got a chance to chat with Will about Timyo and an exclusive Timyo video that will soon be coming your way. C: Will, thanks so much for taking the time away from your busy schedule to talk about your involvement with Timyo. You’re out promoting the new season of Bojack Horseman, right? W: I am, we did… Continue reading Will Arnett: Timyo is a “Real Game Changer” [Interview]

work-life balance

Work-Life Boundaries, Not Work-Life Balance

A couple of days ago we posted a great article from Lauren Laitin that reframes how we traditionally think of the work-life balance: “First, the very phrase [work-life balance] suggests that work isn’t part of your life, it’s separate. Yet your career probably takes up a huge amount of your waking hours, so how could it not be an integral part of your life? The second issue is that balance is elusive and rarely attainable. At its core, the act of balancing is both inflexible and delicate, but life requires flexibility.” So if “work-life balance” is not the best way… Continue reading Work-Life Boundaries, Not Work-Life Balance