Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

Yesterday, we shared a cool article from Forbes and LearnVest by Emma Miller: 6 tips for better work email. It’s all good advice, and particularly pertinent here because some of the tips address problems that are solved directly by using Timyo! “1. Keep It Short ’n’ Sweet” Agreed. See? 🙂 “2. Make Your Timing Count” Productivity expert Chris Bailey (whom we’ve featured here before) recommends avoiding sending messages at off times (like right before the end of the day), and also discusses using a “send-later” service that will hold off sending emails for you until a prescribed time. These are great… Continue reading Better Work Email? Timyo Can Help.

Respect find out what it means to email

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To Email

Yesterday, we shared a great article by L.V. Anderson about typos in email and what they say about power dynamics in the office. The gist is this: At best, informal, typo-ridden messages sent from the top of a professional hierarchy to the bottom reflect the fact that bosses aren’t particularly concerned about coming across as sloppy to their subordinates. At worst, they’re a deliberate power move—a signal to junior staffers that they aren’t worth the time it would take to correct the mistakes in an email before hitting send. The whole article is worth a read, but here I want… Continue reading R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To Email

time over money

TIME > MONEY = :) !

Yesterday, we shared a cool post from Vox’s Brian Resnick, discussing research at the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA that seems to show that valuing time over money correlates with greater levels of personal happiness. In short: the more you prioritize time over money, the happier you will probably be! This is great news at Timyo, where we care a lot about time. The study found that, even when controlling for how much money participants had, stating a preference for more time over more money correlated with being happier. Of course, as the article notes: People want both more time and… Continue reading TIME > MONEY = 🙂 !

Timyo helps teams be more productive

Here at Timyo, we have a great team that just happens to be spread out across the globe. Since we don’t always have the luxury of just poking our heads over a cubicle and shouting a request to our teammates, we need to make sure that we are very clear with our communications. When we started building Timyo we wanted to solve many of email’s problems. We are very busy people and just like every other busy person out there, we receive (and send) a ton of email every day. So, while we have been busy solidifying Timyo’s core features, we… Continue reading Timyo helps teams be more productive