Why Timyo Is the Ultimate (Guilt-Free) Inbox Zero Killer

Why Timyo Is the Ultimate (Guilt-Free) Inbox Zero Killer

Yesterday, we shared a great article by Sara Stewart called “Inbox Zero is BS”. If you’ve been with us for awhile, you’ll know that, at Timyo, we couldn’t agree more. Ms. Stewart argues persuasively against the pointless, productivity-sucking waste of time that is the pursuit of Inbox Zero. As per a researcher quoted in her article: “When someone drops everything just to get an unread count back to zero, productivity might be taking a hit.” And, as the author herself points out: “Having an empty inbox has zero effect on your salary. You’re not getting paid to erase emails all day…”… Continue reading Why Timyo Is the Ultimate (Guilt-Free) Inbox Zero Killer

getting things done with timyo

Getting Things Done with Timyo

At Timyo, we are big fans of David Allen‘s book Getting Things Done, and the time-management system that it outlines. So it’s no accident that Timyo aligns so well with the “Four D’s” of Getting Things Done: Do It. Defer It. Delegate It. Delete It. In case you aren’t familiar with the Getting Things Done approach, it basically boils down to the idea that so many of the vague stresses in our lives are stressful precisely because they are vague—our brains are full of nebulous, free-floating anxiety that stresses us out unnecessarily. By simply enumerating what all of those stressors… Continue reading Getting Things Done with Timyo

the science of priming behind productive email with timyo

Priming for Success: How Timyo Sets The Tone for Productive Email

We’ve talked a lot about how Timyo helps you use email to be more productive, but one of the subtler effects of Timyo is also one of my favorites, and it all comes down to the psychological effect known as “priming”. What is priming? Priming is a psychological effect that basically boils down to preparing someone to give a certain response or type of response by influencing them before that response is given. A famous example is a study that showed that people were more likely to behave “warmly” (that is, positively, welcomingly or sympathetically) if they were asked to briefly… Continue reading Priming for Success: How Timyo Sets The Tone for Productive Email