How Timyo Brags About You to Clients

How Timyo Brags About You to Clients (So You Don’t Have To)

In our last two posts, we took a look at how Timyo can help you work with colleagues, and how it can be used by managers to keep things running smoothly. This week, we’ll look out how Timyo helps you with your most important interactions—those with clients, customers, and other contacts outside of your company. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. If respect is important within the workplace, it is absolutely essential outside of it. Whether you are dealing with potential clients, current customers, or any of the many other people you interact with for your company, nothing conveys respect better than a careful consideration… Continue reading How Timyo Brags About You to Clients (So You Don’t Have To)

manage your team like a boss

Like a Boss: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

Last week, we talked about how Timyo can improve email between colleagues. Today, we’ll look at what Timyo can do for those of us in leadership positions.* Out of Sync is A-OK! When managing a team, it is natural to want everyone to be on the same page. We learn from a young age that teams work best when everyone is moving at the same time and in the same direction. But it’s different when you are the team’s captain—the people working under you will naturally be focusing on smaller, constituent efforts. It’s your job to see the big picture.… Continue reading Like a Boss: How Timyo Helps You Manage Your Team

let's be clear

Let’s Be Clear. Here’s How.

We’ve talked before about all of the great reasons for improving email clarity with Timyo — now let’s talk about how exactly improved clarity can help at work. This week, we’ll take a look at why Timyo is a great tool to use with colleagues. Everyone is the hero of their own movie. I once listened to a friend complaining about how horrible and inconsiderate and awful drivers in his city were, especially when it came to double-parking, which was constant and terribly inconvenient. I mentioned that just the week before, I had been with him in his car and… Continue reading Let’s Be Clear. Here’s How.