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The Good (Stress), The Bad (Stress), and The Email

When we think about ‘peace of mind’, it’s easy to think of it as just a lack of stress—but ‘lack of stress’ would actually be a horrible, life-threatening state that you shouldn’t wish on your worst enemies. Allow me to explain. Back when I was in junior high, my dad was my health and sex-ed teacher—why yes, it was very awkward! Thank you for asking!—and one of the things he taught us that stuck with me the most was about the two kinds of stress: distress and eustress. Distress is what it sounds like—the thing that damsels are always getting… Continue reading The Good (Stress), The Bad (Stress), and The Email

The Productivity Illusion

The Productivity Illusion: Why Busy-ness is Bad for Business

We would all like to be more productive, to get more done, to push our careers forward. This is an admirable goal, and willing to do hard work in order to achieve it is important and worthwhile. Too often, though, we confuse being busy with doing good work. If I am working all the time, stressed about returning those emails asap, checking my phone 50 times a day to make sure I’m not missing anything important, then I must be doing something right, right? Wrong. There’s an old Spanish saying that I love that translates roughly as: “I dress myself… Continue reading The Productivity Illusion: Why Busy-ness is Bad for Business

How Timyo brings clarity to business email

Let’s Be Clear: How Timyo Brings Clarity to Business Email

“To speak kindly, speak clearly.” —Delfina Goikoetxea We don’t do anyone any favors when we don’t say what we mean. That seems obvious, but all too often we are presented with situations in which we find ourselves struggling to come up with the right words. That’s why there are Hallmark cards with pre-written sentiments—it’s not that Uncle Ted and Aunt Missy don’t really care about your graduation…they just don’t feel like they can express themselves with more clarity than some guy who gets paid to write stuff like “ConGRADulations, Nephew!” for a living. Coming up with the right way of… Continue reading Let’s Be Clear: How Timyo Brings Clarity to Business Email

What went wrong with emaill

What went wrong with email?

Timyo began its life with one short question: “What went wrong with email?” In just a few years, email has gone from one of the great new conveniences of the Internet Age to a cause of persistent and increasing anxiety that seems to take ever more time, energy, and patience, until we shudder at the mere thought of checking our inboxes. How did this happen? And more importantly: what can be done about it? What went wrong is a long story, but it basically amounts to two simple truths: email has been saddled with a bunch of jobs that it… Continue reading What went wrong with email?